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Hail to the Hippies!

Posted by Joelle Michelle on June 17, 2011 at 3:05 PM

My sister was born in the summer of love, 1967.

I was a gleam in the eye of my unsuspecting parents in 1969 :

President Nixon gets sworn in to office (the swearing part is appropriate, but not the disingenuous oath)
The Saturday Evening Post rolls its final issue off of the presses
Boeing's 747 is born, right down the street from my birthplace in Everett
The Godfather is published
First artificial heart implanted

Remember the famous Bryan Adams song, "Summer of '69"?
Somewhere in the middle of hippie tragedy and triumph:

Harvard Admin Bldg seized by hundreds of students
Berkley People's Park and Bloody Thursday
"young girls slid flowers down the muzzles of bayoneted National Guard rifles"
First known AIDS case

The Beatles last public performance, broken up by police, of course

Venera 7 lands on Venus to transmit data back to Earth
Nixon pulls 25,000 troops out of Vietnam
Judy Garland overdoses and dies
The EPA is created
Neil Armstrong walks on the moon
Charles Manson murders
The Woodstock Festival (500,000 hippified people!)
Hurricane Camille strikes gulf states killing 250 people
Birth of the internet
Sesame Street debuts
Elvis recorded "In the Ghetto" (I prefer South Park's Eric Cartman rendition)
Ho Chi Minh dies
The Concorde takes flight (27 year run)

My debut, 1970

The Beatles break up
Elton John albums debut in America
First Earth Day
Apollo 13 incident
U.S. invades Cambodia, sparking Kent State shootings
On my birthday, a T5 tornado kills 26 in Lubbock
Ireland's IRA reinvents itself
A landslide buries 47,000 people in Peru
Launch of American Top 40 Countdown with Casey Kasem
England's Isle of Wight Rock Festival (like Woodstock) takes place with 600,000 attendees
Palestinians hijack 4 passenger aircraft headed for New York.
Ford's Pinto rolls off the production line (responsible for 200-500 fiery deaths)
Jimi Hendrix overdoses and dies (greatest electric guitarist ever)
The start of "Monday Night Football" and women's loss of the remote control
NOAA created
PBS created
Janis Joplin overdoses and dies

World Trade Center tower completed and becomes word's tallest building
Gypsy Rose Lee and Francis Farmer die

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