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The Big Reveal

Posted by Joelle Michelle on July 17, 2011 at 11:05 AM

the "blind" vegetarian has little defense

where carnivorous humans make no sense


"here, come on and try it, it has no meat"

as you partake in what they offer to eat


tricking the unknowing with a tainted meal

from their numb conscience, the ones that blind feel


how proud they must be when the blind can't tell

like feeding humans to themselves


then you find with little disguise

that your meat-free meal once had eyes


the carnivores laugh with, "what's the big deal?"

as you're slowly sickened from their calloused reveal


little do they know that their Sunday beliefs

are just like your moral code they defeat

I would never trick a Hindu to eat a cow

nor would I have a priest retract his vow

what if the meat was coming from their pets

would they trade their slaughter house for their vets?

by me

Categories: poems

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